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Autumn Yard Waste Guidelines

With the arrival of autumn and the falling of leaves, the Brown Deer Police Department would like to remind you that Village ordinance and State Statutes prohibit the burning of yard waste. Section 46-8 of the Solid Waste and Recycling ordinance states that the burning of recyclables, yard waste, brush, green grass clippings, and leaves in any manner is prohibited.

Yard waste and leaves shall be placed in one or more sealed paper yard waste bags clearly marked "yard waste" with a tight fitting cover. These bags may be placed at the curbside for pick up on the designated weeks for yard waste collection. Yard waste may also be taken to the Village Recycling Center during the hours of operation. Please do not bring green grass clippings to the recycling center as they are not accepted. Consider mulching or composting the grass clippings. Violations of this Municipal Ordinance are subject to $150.00 fine.

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