Brown Deer’s Vacant Property Ordinance (VPRO)

The Village of Brown Deer has taken several steps in recent years to address the negative impacts that urban blight can inflict upon the community. The long-term vacancy of buildings and properties, when neglected and not maintained to a minimum set of standards, amplifies these negative effects

On November 1, 2015, the Village's new Vacant Property Registration Ordinance (VPRO) went into effect. Chapter 39 of the Village's General Ordinances requires owners of residential and commercial property left vacant for 30 days or longer to register the property with the Community Services Department, and to take steps to ensure that vacant property is secured, properly maintained, and does not create undue hazards for the surrounding community.


Any questions not addressed in our FAQs can be directed to Community Services Director, Nate Piotrowski at 414-371-3061.

Vacant Property Registration

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