Teen Programs

Summer Reading Program

For teens 13-17 years old
May 28th – August 21st

Sign up for our summer reading program by going to browndeerwi.beanstack.com

Complete the program by reading 30 hours over the summer (Hint: read 21 minutes a day, and you can complete the program!!! That’s less time than a TV show!)

There are 2 levels for this program:
Level 1: read for 20 hours and you’ll receive your prize pack of coupons for places around Milwaukee County and other fun stuff
Level 2: read for 10 more hours and you’ll receive an entry for our Grand Prize Drawing

You can read books, eBooks, magazines, graphic novels, or listen to books on cd. They all count towards your total!

After you have completed the program, keep reading! For every extra 5 hours you read, you will earn another entry into the Grand Prize Drawing! When you participate in a virtual program or pick up a grab-n-go bag you will be given a code to add to your beanstack account. Each program you participate in will bring you closer to the grand prize!

Special Programs

Baking Club (Grab-n-Go)

Available first week of the month

Once a month we will be providing a different baking ingredient that goes along with a sweet treat recipe. In the spirit of summer we are keeping all recipes oven free! Send us a picture of your creation and let us know what you think!

May – Pink Lemonade Crystal Light
Recipe: Pink Lemonade Ice Cream Pie. The weather is heating up, making it the perfect time for some ice cream pie.

June – Gelatin
Recipe: Fruity Gummies. This is a delicious and healthy summer treat.

July – Chia Seeds
Recipe: Apricot Blueberry Chia Pudding. A quick and delicious recipe that makes for a perfect start to your summer morning.

August – Poppy Seeds
Recipe: Lemon Poppy Seed Ice Cream. We started the summer with ice cream, so let’s end the summer the same way.

Moc Job Interviews (Virtual)

Available: every Friday in August from 2:30-3PM

Need to get ready for the job market? Practice your answers to some of these common interview questions with someone who can give you pointers.
Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88952608500

Community-Written Stories

Available: May 31st through August 15th

Let’s write a story together (or a few). If you participated in the Community Poetry a couple of years ago, you have an idea of how this works. We have several notebooks that we will be distributing for 1 week checkout periods. Whichever notebook you get, you will be continuing the story in that book. When the week is up, turn it in and the next person can continue from that point. At the end of the summer, we will have some unique stories to share with one another.

Summer Trivia (Virtual)

Available: All month, every month. Check our blog site or send us an email to receive the trivia link

It’s time to test your knowledge! Each month we will have a different themed trivia that you can participate in. To make it extra tricky, no googling is allowed!

May - Animal Trivia
June – Disney Trivia
July – Harry Potter Trivia
August – Geography Trivia

Cookbook Club Kits

Available: 1st of the month

We may not be able to all be in the same room and share a meal yet, but we can at least cook together in spirit. Each month there is a theme, a spice or seasoning, that everything works around. The kits release on the first of the month. In your kits you will receive the spice/seasoning, a brief history and best practices, as well as a tried-and-true recipe. Feel free to send us pictures of what you make with it and they might be featured on our social media pages!

May – Cinnamon – Grilled Cinnamon Pineapple
June – Curry Powder – Turkey and Apple Arugula Salad
July* – Fresh Basil – Watermelon Basil Ice
August** – Old Bay Seasoning - Shrimp & Wild Rice Cakes &/or Old Bay Grilled Corn Pico de Gallo
* This month receive a live herb plant!
** Double recipe this month!

Harry Potter Activities!

Harry Potter – Would you rather (Virtual)

Available all summer long!

Check out our blog site for a fun Would you rather – Harry Potter Edition poll. Submit your answers and see how your opinions compare to everyone else’s!

Harry Potter Trivia (Virtual)

Available all of July

Trivia is taking place all summer long, but Harry Potter trivia will be for the month of July. Test your knowledge, and go for the best score!

DIY Dragon Eggs (Grab-n-Go)

Available beginning Friday July 9th

What would a dragon look like? How about colorful and jewel encrusted?

DIY Dragon Zen Garden (Grab-n-Go)

Available beginning Thursday July 15th

Divination taught methods of divining the future, or gathering insights into future events, through various rituals and tools. Do you think a Zen garden can help you with your divination skills?

Harry Potter Take-Home Bag (Grab-n-Go)

Available Monday July 26th

In honor of Harry Potter’s birthday we will be offering a Harry Potter themed take home bag. The bag will include bookmarks, craft ideas, a snack, recipes, and other Harry Potter related goodies. Make sure to come in early because they’re only available while supplies last

Craft Bags (Grab-n-go)

Available: Second Monday of the month, while supplies last

These fun grab and go bags will include instructions of the projects as well as most of the supplies that are needed to complete them.

May 10th – Bubble Bath
June 14th – Cork Coasters
July 12th – Candles
August 9th – Tassel Garland

Needlecraft @ Your Library

Homemade projects make great gifts. But if you’ve never picked up a needle or hook, that’s okay. Virtual “Learn to” classes are designed with you in mind. We’ll teach you at least how to start and one or two of the most basic stitches. Just pick your style (Knitting is with two needles & crochet is with one hook) and join the right class. Beginner kits for both are available upon request for 7-day checkout & class materials are available up to 7days in advance. Once a month, a pattern in either knit or crochet will also be available for those that know their basic stitches with a virtual class period dedicated to getting you started.

Learn to Knit
1st Monday of the Month @ 1:30PM
(May 3rd, June 7th, July 5th, August 2nd)

Learn to Crochet
2nd Thursday of the Month @ 1:30PM
(May 13th, June 10th, July 8th, August 12th)

Monthly Needlecraft Projects
Last Tuesday of the Month @ 5:30PM

May 25th – Knit-Slip Bunny
June 29th – Crazy Granny Squares and Joining Pieces Together (Crochet)
July 27th – Foldover Garter Stitch Slippers (Knitting)
August 31st – Crochet Octopus Amigurumi