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Yard Sale Registration

  1. The Village of Brown Deer encourages residents to host rummage sales as a great way to recycle your unwanted household items and make money while doing it. In order to prevent rummage sales from becoming a proprietary business of a residence, the Village Board adopted Ordinance Number 13-05 “An Ordinance Creating Section 121-155 (c) of the Brown Deer Village Code Pertaining to Rummage Sales”, requiring any resident who wishes to conduct a rummage sale to register with the Village. Registration is simple and easy. All you need to do is complete our form by 4 pm the day before an expected sale in order to register.
  2. Rummage Sale: The temporary sale of used and recycled household or personal articles held on the seller’s own residential premises, also referred to as a yard sale, garage sale, or any similar designation.
    Rummage sales shall be conducted only between the hours of 8 am and 7 pm, and no more than three rummage sales in one calendar year may be conducted on any premise. Each sale may last no longer than three consecutive days and must be conducted on the seller’s property.
  3. Signs shall not be attached or placed on any building, structure, tree, commercial property, public right-of-way or grounds that are owned, operated or maintained by any public agency or private utility; and no person shall place any notice upon any building, wall, fence, or other property of another person without written permission. No sign shall be more than ten square feet in gross surface area and a maximum of five feet in height. Such signs shall be setback a minimum of five feet from any lot line.
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