Committees and Meeting Times

All meetings are open to the public and are held at the Village Hall unless otherwise noted.

If you would like to apply to serve on a committee, click here to print an application If you are interested in being reappointed to a committee, click here to print a reappointment application Please return the completed application form to the Village Manager’s Office. Here is a printable description of each committee Committee Summary.

(The dates below are on a monthly basis)

Beautification Committee– Tuesday following the 2nd Monday at 6:30pm

Board of Appeals – Thursday following the 4th Monday at 6:30pm

Board of Review (Property Tax Assessor) – meets annually and date is determined by the Assessor, 10:00am to 4:00pm

Building Board – 1st and 3rd Mondays at 4:00pm

Community Development Authority – meets as needed

Farmer’s Market Committee – meets as needed

Finance/Public Works Committee – Wednesday after the 1st Monday at 6:00pm

Fourth of July Committee – 3rd Wednesday at 5:00pm

Library Board – 2nd Monday at 5:00pm at the Village Library

North Shore Board of Health – meets at least quarterly at the call of the Chair

Park & Recreation Committee – 2nd Tuesday at 7:00pm

Personnel Committee – meets as needed

Plan Commission – 2nd Monday at 6:30pm

Police Commission – meets as needed

Tourism Commission – meets as needed

Traffic & Public Safety Committee – Thursday following 1st Monday at 5:30pm

Water Commission – meets quarterly/as needed 5:30pm.


The Village Board Chambers, located at Village Hall, is also used as the meeting location for many Village committees, boards, and commissions, and as the Municipal Court Room.

BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE To devise and implement ways and means of enhancing the beauty of the community, subject to the approval of the Village Board, and perform duties and functions as required by Chapter VIII, Article 5 of the Village Code relating to landscaping and beautification. Most developments and redevelopments in the Village that involve landscaping are required to meet before the Beautification Committee for approval of the landscaping plans. The committee is also active in volunteer planting efforts, hardwood savannah preservation projects, public right of way beautification, and the Brown Deer in Bloom Beautification Awards. (1-Year Term)

BOARD OF APPEALS Jurisdiction to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error in any order, requirement, decision, or determination of the Village Building Inspector in the enforcement of the Zoning Code. The Board will hear appeals and grant variance or special exceptions, or uphold the decision of the Building Inspector, as it deems necessary and appropriate within the provisions of the Zoning Code. (3-Year Term)

BOARD OF REVIEW Meets annually to carefully examine the tax roll and correct all apparent errors in description or computation, and shall add all omitted properties. The Board cannot change any value as fixed by the Assessor except upon sworn oral testimony produced for that purpose. (5-Year Term)

BUILDING BOARD To consider building permits for all structures for which a permit is required. The Board considers the various permits based on a variety of elements: building site, exterior elevations, architectural appeal, composition with surrounding and existing structures, and impact upon neighboring properties and structures. All buildings other than single family detached residence buildings require colored renderings of the proposed buildings. The Building Board also considers all signage requests and changes in the Village. (2-Year Term)

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Created to act as the Housing Authority and Redevelopment Authority, with responsibilities for projects relating to blight eliminations, clearance of undesirable conditions, urban renewal and redevelopment programs. The Authority may also issue bonds or notes from time to time for essential public and government purposes. (4-Year Term)

FARMER’S MARKET COMMITTEE To coordinate and delegate functions and duties to create a successful and organized Brown Deer Farmer’s Market. (3-Year Term)

FINANCE/PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE To review and make recommendations to the Village Board relating to all Village expenditures for expenses and capital improvements. As the title demonstrates, the Committee is particularly involved with the Village finances as coordinated by the Administrative Services Department, and with the procedures and policies of the Public Works Department. (2-Year Term)

FOURTH OF JULY COMMITTEE The Fourth of July Committee is involved in the coordination and delegation of functions and duties to established sub-committees that will provide orderly and traditional Independence Day activities in the Village. The Committee has exclusive authority on activities in the Village Park, grounds and buildings during the 4th of July event. (3-Year Term)

LIBRARY BOARD Acts as an oversight body with regards to the Brown Deer Public Library. The Board reviews and considers Library policies and procedures. (3-Year Term)

NORTH SHORE BOARD OF HEALTH Governs the health department and assures the enforcement of state public health statutes and public health rules. The Board of Health assesses public health needs and advocates for the provision of necessary public health services; develops policy and provides leadership emphasizing public health needs; advocates for equitable distribution of public health resources; and assures that measures are taken to provide an environment in which the population can be healthy. (2-Year Term)

PARK & RECREATION COMMITTEE To facilitate and guide the development and operation of park and recreation programs and facilities for the citizens of the Village. The Committee reviews programs, recommends recreational services as deemed desirable for the community, consider facility improvements, help identify new programs, consider departmental policies, and assist in promoting programs and services. (3-Year Term)

PERSONNEL COMMITTEE Responsible for the development and revision of the Employee Personnel Manual, annual review of employee salary ranges, periodic review of employee benefit packages, and assisting with performance review procedures. The Committee has also been involved in considering changes to the organizational structure of the Village departments and personnel. (1-Year Term)

PLAN COMMISSION Study and make recommendations to the Village Board in matters of proposed site plans, zoning changes, subdivision plats, and Comprehensive Plan and Official Village Map review. One of the most frequent duties of the Commission is the study and recommendation of conditional permitted use applications. (3-Year Term)

POLICE COMMISSION Responsible for the appointment of the Police Chief and the approval of subordinate appointments to the Police Department. The Commission shall act as an appeal board on disciplinary matters when so requested. (5-Year Term)

TOURISM COMMISSION Responsible for overseeing the collection and expenditure of room tax revenue and to make allowable expenditures for tourism promotion and tourism development. The Tourism Commission shall perform its duties commencing with room tax collected January 1, 2017 and thereafter. The Commission shall monitor the collection of the room tax and shall report any delinquencies or inaccurate reporting to the Village Board. (1-Year Term)

TRAFFIC & PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE Responsible for ensuring the enforcement of all traffic, human rights, protection of property, and other miscellaneous regulatory ordinances. The Committee is charges with the responsibility to submit recommendations to the Village Board regarding the enhancement and promotion of safety issues brought to its attention that are not already addressed by the Village Code or State Statutes. (1-Year Term)

WATER COMMISSION Acts as an oversight body for the Brown Deer Public Water Utility. Water Utility expenditures are reviewed and audited by the Commission. (5-Year Term)