Water Purchased

The Village of Brown Deer purchases all of its water from Milwaukee Water Works. The past 20 year trend shows a decline in water usage per year. This can be attributed to a number of factors:

  • Increased water efficient fixtures installed/used in homes
  • Proactive water main replacement program to replace leaking water mains
  • Acoustical leak detection to find and replace existing leaks
  • General public awareness of water conservation

Water Main Replacement Program

The Brown Deer Water Utility began a proactive water main replacement program in 2005. The purpose of this program is to identify and replace the most at risk water main for breaks and leaks. Records of main breaks have been kept since the 1970’s, and plotted on a system distribution map. Based on this historical data, a priority list of water mains has been established for replacement. Typically, the Utility conducts 1-2 main replacement projects per summer, usually replacing around 2000-3000 feet per year.

Since 2005, the Utility has replaced 9.0 miles of old, corroded ductile iron main with new PVC main. Additionally, the number of main breaks observed per year has decreased since the inception of the replacement program, meaning less water lost and less money spent on costly repairs.

2018 Water Main Replacement Projects

In 2018 the Brown Deer Water Utility approved two replacement projects. The first project consisted of a standard relay on Terry Ave from 54th St to Wabash Ave. The second project consisted of a water main rehabilitation on Teutonia Ave from Bradley Rd to Dean Rd.

Terry Ave Water Main Relay

The Terry Ave water main relay consisted of approximately 1000 feet of new PVC main installed several feet offset of the existing corroded ductile iron main. The Utility installed new valves and hydrants, and reconnected services to the new main. Construction started in early May and wrapped up by the end of May.

Teutonia Ave Water Main Rehabilitation

The Teutonia Ave water main rehabilitation consisted of approximately 2400 feet of Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Lining. This is a new technology for the Brown Deer Water Utility, but was prompted by cost and feasibility restrictions of a standard relay. The CIPP Lining essentially consists of inserting a tube into the existing water main that expands and seals to the interior. This new lining provides its own structural support, and seals the pipe from any leaks. New valves and hydrants will be installed during construction. Construction began in early June, and is anticipated to finish by the end of July.