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The Brown Deer Foundation, Inc.

The Brown Deer Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established to enhance quality of life for the people of Brown Deer. The Foundation was established in 1997 for dedicated individuals and organizations to make an investment in the community. The purpose of the Foundation, which is governed by a board of 11 directors from the community, is to receive and administer gifts for public, charitable and educational use. These gifts lessen the burdens of government, combat community deterioration, provide residents with amenities not funded by taxes, advance science and education, prevent and combat juvenile delinquency, develop and improve individuals and emphasize arts, crafts and sciences.

Benefits Of Giving

Making a gift to the Foundation provides givers with many benefits. Those benefits include:

  • Obtaining a tax deduction.
  • Strengthening the local community for themselves, their families and neighbors.
  • Funding a favorite project.
  • Gaining recognition from friends and neighbors.
  • Satisfaction for supporting your community.

In addition, the Foundation will publish a list of donors annually and will establish a permanent recognition site to recognize donors.

Designating a Gift

Individuals may specify how their gift is to be used. The only limitation is that it must be used for something that benefits the people of Brown Deer and is of a public, charitable or educational nature. Each gift will be reviewed by the Foundation Board to ensure that the donor’s request falls within the broad us guidelines. The funds will be immediately released to begin work or will be invested until sufficient funds to complete a project are received. A small portion will be retained for administrative costs, as well as to support the recognition program.
Your consideration of an endowment gift assures a stronger future for the Brown Deer community. Consult your estate planner for details on making a gift.

Possible Programs Eligible for Support

  • Brown Deer Historical Society
  • Park and Recreation Department (Brown Deer Pond, Sports Facilities, Park Shelter Enclosure, Youth Programs, Bike Path, Vibes Concert Series, Brown Deer Senior Citizens Club)
  • Beautification Committee
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Eat & Greet
  • 4th of July Committee
  • Library (New Books, Computers, Magazine Subscriptions)
  • Brown Deer Police Department (D.A.R.E. Funds, K9 Program, Special Youth Officer Training)
  • North Shore Fire Department (Equipment and Supplies, Fire Safety Education)
  • North Shore Health Department (Immunizations, Teen Education, AIDS Awareness, Parenting Workshops)

In addition to these programs, donors are encouraged to suggest other programs and projects they would like to support.
For further information or to make a donation, contact the Village Manager’s office.

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